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"Let me start by stating that there are no better groomers than Adriana and her team. My Morkie, Muesli, and I have been using After Groom Delight for almost seven years now and there is no one more kind, patient, and talented than this team. I was given Adriana’s services as a gift from a client. Previously I had taken Muesli to the local NYC groomer and had terrible experiences. Muesli’s fur tends to matte very easily and that groomer would shave her down to the skin! Adriana assured me that she could get the knots out without shaving! Muesli has never been shaved since! She looks and smells (that secret fragrance that Adriana uses is divine) perfect every time we bathe or cut and Muesli comes back happy. That is the most important part for me! I will never use another groomer again! Five stars!!"

                                                                          -Courtnay. Tribeca 

"Aftergroom Delight holds a special place in my heart....Adriana, and now Renisha, have been working with Scrappy, my havanese, for the past six years and he has never looked better. The kind an compassionate in home service provided is superb. I love Adriana and Renisha and more importantly scrappy does too."                                                                                         -Randy, Tribeca

"We feel so fortunate to have Adriana and the team at After Groom Delight in our lives!  For over 5 years they have transformed our sweet Stella from a stinky city dog into a beauty queen on a monthly basis.  They are professional, kind and passionate about their profession.  We trust them implicitly and most importantly, Stella adores them!"

-Lilli, Tribeca 


"Aftergroom delight has been amazing! My cavapoo Honey is always excited to see Renisha or Adriana when they come over to groom him. Renisha and Adriana are very gentle and sweet with Honey. He actually now enjoys getting groomed. It’s so comforting and convenient to have him groomed at home on his surroundings. 

Honey always has the best haircut and smells so good after being groomed. I usually get stopped on the streets by people saying how cute he looks post groom:) 

I highly recommend aftergroom delight for an amazing thorough groom and great costumer care. 

Thank you Renisha and Adriana for making Honey look so fancy and happy!"

                                                              - Sima, Chelsea

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