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About Us

Our mission is to provide professional quality grooming while showing the utmost love and affection to your pup! We know grooming isn't your doggies favorite experience, so it is important for us to make sure  that they have the best experience possible. We do this by handling your loved furry ones with extreme patience and care in their own home.  

Our Team

Our Team


Renisha Smith

Renisha Smith is an extremely talented dog groomer originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts, but has been grooming in NYC for almost 13 years now! She loves having the opportunity to bring out a dogs unique personality with their look! In her near future, Renisha wants to continue expanding her career working and styling NYC’s chic pups. We are so lucky to have someone who truly cares for the doggies, and handles them with the same level of love and care as they would their own!

Adriana De Fronzo


Adriana De Fronzo is the proud owner of AfterGroom Delight. She has always had a passion for dogs as well as, the always wonderful, New York City. Although life has taken her down many different paths she finally found the journey meant for her in dog grooming. Adriana has a Bachelors degree in Marketing from New Jersey City University, and is a certified dog groomer through the North Jersey School of Dog Grooming. She truly loves working with dogs on a daily basis, and treats all of her clients with the same care she would her own.

AfterGroom Delight was founded in loving memory of Rocky De Fronzo, a glorious Siberian Husky who stole her heart.   

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